• Monetize free users with Donatr

    The Donatr Framework easily integrates into any desktop application, enabling users to pay you with their spare computing power. We use this to generate cryptocurrency and pay you directly to your bank.

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How Donatr Works

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    Integrate Our SDK

    Pull in our SDK and integrate it into your Windows or Mac App.

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    Users Opt In

    Give your free users the option to opt in to using a fraction of their spare CPU/GPU resources in order to unlock the premium version of your app.

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    Watch Revenue Roll In

    Each user that downloads & runs your App passively generates revenue that is automatically donated to you.


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    Make More Money

    Offer your active free-tier or non-paying users an alternative way to pay and receive increased value from your products.

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    Higher Conversion

    Improve conversion rates of your free trial subscribers by allowing users to pay while they use your product and avoid giving a credit card.

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    Lower Churn

    Reduce involuntary churn rates and reclaim churned active users by offering an alternative way for them to continue paying for your product.

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    Crypto Technology

    Donatr uses a small part of your Fans' CPU power to generate cryptocurrency.

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    Donatr doesn't affect your users' experience in any way, quietly running in the background.

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    Windows & Mac

    Your Fans can run your custom Donatr App on either Windows or Mac.

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